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Kell-lüliti TM-15 (nädalareziimiga)

Kell-lüliti TM-15,
1na+1ns 16A 230VAC nädal

Saatavuus: Varastossa

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DIN-rail installation
Advanced pre-setting one week before
Digital electronics general purpose time switch with daily and programs
Repeat programs with 16 on/off settings, 18 times pulse programs, and setting on/off manually
Lithium battery power reserve when electric supply cut off
Auto time error correction ±30 sec, weekly

Voltage rating: AC 220V 50/60HZ
Voltage limit: AC 180V ~250V
Hysteresis: ≤ 2sec/day (25°C)
ON/OFF operation:: 16 ON & 16 OFF, 18 time pulse
Power consumption: 7.5 VA (max)
Display: LCD
Service life: mechanically 107 cycles
Service life: electrcally 105 cycles
Minimum interval: 1 minute
Weight:    approx 150g
Count down: 1 sec - 99 min 59 sec
Pulse: 1 sec - 59 min 59 sec
Load capacity:    resistive load: 16A / 250VAC
lagging load: 10a/250V AC
Lamp load: 2000 W
Switching contact: 1 changeover switch
Power reserve: 3 years (lithium battery)
Ambient temperature: -10 ~ + 40°C
Ambient humidity: 35~85% RH

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